Tuesday, March 26, 2019

March AGM and Sew Day recap

It was a busy month! First we found out that we have BONUS hours when our meetings are at Hawkwood - we have the room from 4pm even though the meeting doesn't start until 7pm. So some of us took advantage of the space to tape down a quilt to baste, use the high counters for cutting, sit in a comfy chair with a beautiful view in the sunshine to hand-stitch, or just hang out and sew-cialize with our guild buddies and some tunes. We'll poll again in May to see if people want Bonus Sew-cialization time at Hawkwood.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

March Block Lotto - Sawtooth Star

Who would like a stack of easter egg pastel blocks just in time for Easter!!!

Some of us have been busy making no waste, 4 at a time flying geese for the Meadowland QAL, and I thought it was a great technique to share with you all.
Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilter has a great tutorial for these, and she makes them up into a sawtooth star. She includes a cutting chart for blocks from 4" all the way up to 20".
If you have the Wing Clipper ruler, here is a link to the instructions.

We are going to make 12" blocks.  
We are going to reverse our colours.  The background will be the colour, and the star will be white.


Sewing 4 at a time geese.
Follow directions in the tutorial to make 4 geese units with the coloured 7 1/4 square, and the white 4 in squares.

Are you using directional fabric for the white/sky? Here is some info from The Colourful Fabriholic on how to layer the squares so they all go the same way in the completed block. (case 2 and 3) Directional fabric for the background will automatically work with this technique giving 2 of each direction.

Trim geese to 3 1/2 x 6 1/2.
These are only slightly oversized. Because we have multiple sewers making blocks, it will help with accuracy. You will still need to be very careful, as some of mine were still a bit skimpy.

Stars - white, off white or sand, solid or near solid, low volume
Background - easter egg pastels Try not to go too much darker than the sample blocks. Let's keep these in prints this time, but keep that modern esthetic.

General Rules:

1. Make one quilt block (or more) following the pattern and colour scheme outlined in the monthly post.  For every block you make and bring to that month’s meeting, you will get one entry in the lotto.  If you are unable to attend the meeting, but really want to participate in the lotto, comment on this post or contact Philippa and we’ll try to work it out. Remember, you must be a member of CALMQG to participate.
2. The winner gets ALL THE BLOCKS to make a quilted project from them (guild reserves the right to vote on splitting up the blocks between more than one winner if there are enough entries).  If you win, the blocks become yours and you can use them in any way you choose.
3. We would like to see your finished project, either in person or pictures, within a year of winning the blocks.  You may continue to participate in and win subsequent block lottos during that time (at least for now…we may elect that you can not win again until you've shown your finished project).  After the year is up, you cannot participate or win again until the original project is finished.
4. Use modern fabrics that you like or love! If you are unsure about your fabric selection as it relates to 'Modern', just ask.
5. Have fun!  Keep in mind that (most likely) someone else will be taking home your block to incorporate into a larger piece and things must fit together (literally, …so keeping your block true to size is probably the most important thing), but you should also make it yours and enjoy the process!

6. Share with the tags @calgarymqg #calmqgblocklotto #calgarymqg on IG or on the Calgary Modern Quilt Guild Facebook Group. Have you tagged yourself #calmqgmember yet?

Have fun! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

March Meeting and Sew Day

Our March meeting will be at Uplands Recreation Center from 7 – 9 pm on Thursday March 21st  2019. (20 Hawkside Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3G 3K9 ) Google Maps
Because of how this location is booked we also have some BONUS hours in the space, so if you show up any time after 4pm you can have several hours of sewing and sew-cialization time!

This month is our AGM and we'll also be hearing reports from people who attended QuiltCon in Nashville in February. We're looking to fill a few spots on our executive so if you have any interest let us know before the AGM. We'll also be collecting and voting on the CQA Ultraviolet Challenge mini quilts - "Quilting Gone Viral".

There will also be a Sew Day on Saturday March 23rd 2019 at Hawkwood starting at noon and going until you drop (or 8pm at the latest) - the theme is "Finishing your UFO's".  A UFO in quilting terms in an UnFinished Object, so bring anything you have unfinished that you want to get done.

Don't forget we're alternating North and South locations so next month we're in Woodcreek. For these locations we need to bring indoor shoes or slippers so we don't have to mop up after ourselves. We also have to set up / tear down at these locations so if you're available to show up early or stay late to help out that would be appreciated.

Coming up (and subject to change):
  • April 18th - Quilting on Your Domestic Machine (Woodcreek)
  • May 16th - TBA (Hawkwood)
  • June 20th - Charity Month (Woodcreek)
  • June 21-22nd - Charity Sew Day (Hawkwood 3pm - 3pm)
  • July 18th - Social & potluck (Hawkwood patio) 
  • August 15th - (Woodcreek)
  • September 19th - TBA (Hawkwood)
  • September 21st - Sew Day (Hawkwood 10am - 3pm)
  • October 17th - TBA (Woodcreek)
  • October 18th-19th - Workshops TBA (Hawkwood)
  • November 16th - Sew Day (Hawkwood 10am - 3pm)
  • November 21st - TBA (Hawkwood) 
  • December 12th -Winter Social (Hawkwood)
The meeting agenda is:
  • Guild business 
  • AGM
  • Block Lotto 
  • Winter Challenge
  • Show and tell 
Please bring:
  • A quilt or project for show and tell
  • Name tag
  • Lotto Block entry 
  • Winter Challenge "Quilting goes Viral" entry 
  • Indoor shoes / slippers
The dues cycle is January-December and they are $60 per person in 2018. Members who join after June will pay $40. First meeting is free for visitors, then $10 for a single meeting (fees could be more for special programming). After that we ask you to support and join our community by purchasing a membership to attend additional meetings and sew days and to participate in other guild activities.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

We want you! (to join the guild executive committee)

There are a few spots open on the guild executive and supporting committee that we'll be voting on in March.  To be a member of the Guild Executive you must be a member of the guild in good standing. If you think you'd be a good fit for one of these positions, or you have an idea for a position you think would benefit the guild, let us know!

Secretary (officer):
  • signing officer
  • maximum term of 3 consecutive years
  • takes minutes at meetings
  • maintains documentation (agendas, minutes, attendance)
  • sends out email communications with members
  • participates in leadership and decisions about topics such as planning, programming, events, challenges, budgeting and memberships
  • corresponds with other organizations that have dealings with the guild  
  • arranges space for meetings, sew days, and other events
  • attends executive meetings, guild meetings, sew days, and other programming 
Social Media (supporting committee):
  • assists the Secretary with all things pertaining to social media platforms (Facebook, blog, Instagram)
  • posts pictures from meetings including programming and special visitors, challenges, block lottos, and show and tell
  • posts announcements and reminders, answers questions
  • encourages an interactive community for members to share and discuss their work and ideas
  • attends executive meetings, guild meetings, sew days, and other programming
Challenges (supporting committee):
  • create periodic challenges for the membership, such as block lottos and themed challenges
  • organize inter- and intra- guild swaps
  • attends executive meetings, guild meetings, sew days, and other programming
Programming Coordinator (supporting committee *new this year*):
  • solicits feedback from membership for direction on guild learning and development 
  • recruits skills and talent from the membership for programming
  • plans and arranges programming for meetings and sew days
  • attends executive meetings, guild meetings, sew days, and other programming
Volunteer and Events Coordinator (supporting committee *currently vacant*):
  • recruit and manage volunteers for events promoting the guild (booths at conventions and shows) 
  • arrange special events for the guild, such as workshops and retreats
  • attends executive meetings, guild meetings, sew days, and other programming

Thursday, March 7, 2019

February Meeting Recap

Very cold weather didn't stop our February meeting! We gathered at the Woodcreek Community Association for a social meeting!

We saw many gorgeous Tunnel Blocks and our lucky winner will be picking the following month's Block Lotto.

After going through guild business, we welcomed two new members, chatted about our WIPs, and Mary arranged a quilter's social bingo... secrets are out on who has tattoos and who can salsa dance! 

Our next block lotto to bring to the March meeting is here!

Check out the rest of our show and tell photos after the cut!