Thursday, October 21, 2021

Holiday Swap 2021

Holiday Swap 2021 - Mug Rug

“A small, fun to create, mini quilt that is mostly there to look pretty on your desk and soak up your drink of choice’s drips and condensation, as well as giving you full-on permission to eat some cookies, since, well, that extra space off to the side of your drink is just THERE for you to use.”  

 It can be as small as a coaster but as big as a placemat.  quote from Erin of Two More Seconds

As you can see, a Mug Rug is not a coaster it's more than that!  The Mug Rug should also be considered “Modern” because it was created in 2010!  This modern day creation is an excuse to play with some scraps, perfect a block, practice free motion quilting, or even binding, but also an excuse to make something small and unique!

  • What is a Mug Rug?  A Mug Rug is a mini quilt, which can be used to rest your coffee and that extra cookie you decided you needed.  
  • How big should it be?  It can be as small as a coaster or a big as a placemat.  But since we are popping them in the post, perhaps not quite so big? 
  • Is it a coaster?  No, it's not a coaster, but you can rest your drink on it.
Important info:
  • Sign up Oct 21-31
  • Partners will be sent out within a couple of days.
  • You may share your mug rug on social media, but keep it secret who you are sending to! That part will be a surprise!
  • Mug Rugs finished and in the mail  between Nov 24 and Dec 1. 
  • Show and tell at December Meeting...take a pic of the mug rug you make and send it to us before it hits the mail

Extras are not expected...remember - postage! But if you want to include something flat...

You can choose if you want to receive Holiday/Winter or General, so you can use it all year! ...Just keep it modern.

Looking for a less bulky binding? The Crafty Quilter 

Looking for Mug Rug ideas?  Here  and Here

Wondering what hashtags to use? #calgarymqg #calgarymqgmugrugswap

Sunday, October 10, 2021

We're Back! (Or at least Back-Online)

 Happy Fall Everyone!

Given the level of COVID cases in the province, we're staying on-line for the fall!  We've still got a full line-up of programming and special activities.

At our October 21st meeting, we'll be joined by Melissa Marginet, who'll talk to us about her creative process, ways connect to your creative process and her quilting journey.  Melissa specializes in walking foot quilting, and we're exited to see her work.

We'll also have:

  • Updates on our fall programming
  • Updates on our end of year exchange
  • Updates on renewal and what to expect for next year

Have questions?  You can reach us at

Sunday, July 11, 2021

The "Y" in Yahoo!

  The 2021 Calgary MQG Community Challenge Quilt,  with the signature "YYC" graphic was recently displayed at the Calgary Stampede.  Here's a few pictures from set-up.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

What's in a name?

 It's been way too long since we've seen everyone!  While we love catching up with everyone on Zoom, we're also pretty excited about seeing real people and real quilts.  So that we can figure out who everyone is and welcome new members, we're encouraging everyone to bring or create a name tag for our upcoming meetings.

 If you'd like a Calgary MQG logo to incorporate into your name tag, they're available by filling in the form that has been sent to members via email or available on the Members Only Facebook Group. 

Be creative with your name tags!  We'd love to see a variety of shapes and techniques incorporated into the name tags.  Pinterest is a great place to seek inspiration.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Summer Guild Goings On


Guild Going's On:
  • We will have meetings in July and August, the format (Zoom or outdoors) is being worked on
  • Planning for the 2022 QuiltCon Community Quilt is underway! The theme is angles, and the colour palette is below. Send us a note ( if you'd like to take part
  • MiniMod swapping is complete, and projects featuring your swapped squares are due at the July meeting.
  • Our June 26th sew day (via Zoom) is a great opportunity to work on your mini mod projects or just hang out. Zoom link has been sent to members.
  • We'd like everyone to think about nametags for the fall meetings. Creativity in shape and style is encouraged. Members will be sent a link to get our logo via email
  • The 2022 QuiltCon Catalog is out!  Link is here:   QuiltCon 2022 will be in Phoenix, Arizona from February 16 to 20th, 2022

Friday, April 16, 2021

Calgary Mini Mod Swap to support Handmade Collective Awards

Want to feel connected with other quilters and guild mates?
Want to send some brightness and joy? 
Want to support a fantastic initiative?

Basic guidelines:

  • Pick your palette and background and sign up by April 25th.
  • Receive your swap partners, Foundation Paper Pieced block patterns, and more guidelines by April 29th
  • Use Solid fabrics (no grunge, batik, tone on tone, etc)  to make 30 - 2"x2" blocks (unfinished size)
  • Keep 6 blocks for yourself and mail your 4 swap partners their 6 blocks - include a nice card or note for your swap partners when you send their blocks  - by May 25th.
  • Once you receive your blocks make a small project with them and have that ready for Show and Share at our July meeting. (Pincushions, pouches, thread catchers, mug rugs are all good project ideas.)
  • Donate a few dollars to the Handmade Collective Awards (Suggested $3-5. Over $10 and you will receive a tax receipt)
  • Note...several of us are signing up 2 or even 3 times!  If you want rainbow, or just more blocks for a bigger project, that's the way to go!
We'll use the hashtags 

Sign-up link - Calgary MQG Members Only


Sign up and choose your colour palette.

Donate to the Handmade Collective Awards.   A big thank you to Berene for making this all possible.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Register NOW! April & May Classes

 Registration link for the classes:

April Lecture (April 15th Meeting) - Discovering Glow with Laura Loewen
Tap into Laura's mind about how she pulls fabrics for a quilt project and how she looks at color, value, tone, and texture in order to create quilts that glow. Get to know her and the crazy way her mind works when designing a show quilt, why her fabric philosophy is more, and where she looks to find inspiration. View her virtual trunk show, come with questions for a Q&A discussion, and learn more about her love of quilting.

Following our lecture with Laura, we have a Suprise Guest stopping in with a special announcement!

May 15th Class - $35 cost-  Finding your Flow in FMQ with Christina Cameli
Unlocking the elusive "flow" state in your free-motion quilting brings you calm and confidence. We will start by learning techniques for improvisational organic designs and getting comfortable with them through drawing. Then you will move to your machine, stitching the designs you've become most comfortable with. Some free-motion quilting experience is required.

May Lecture (May 20th Meeting)  Who Gives a Flying FQ About Accuracy with Krista Hennebury
In this live Powerpoint slide show, Krista presents an updated version of her webinar originally produced for the Modern Quilt Guild. In it, she discusses the why and how of cutting, piecing, and pressing accuracy, then follows up with the “but when is it really important?” part. This presentation is chock full of information, myth-busting tips, many detailed photos, notion recommendations, and piecing tricks. We may even get into the side vs open pressing debate!

May 29th Class $35 cost - Speed Date with Improv with Krista Hennebury
Think of this class as speed dating with improvisational piecing techniques that include curves and free-cutting. It will be fast-paced and a lot of fun: several techniques are introduced and demonstrated one after the other with very little time to second guess, stress, or obsess over perfection. Every student will end up with a unique, original improv sampler quilt! The focus here is to explore line, shape, and happenstance in abstract design, so keep things simply graphic by using solid-coloured fabrics in black, white, and one pop of colour. In the afternoon, Krista will share design wall tips to jigsaw the improv elements together, seeking balance and creative design opportunities. Some pre-cutting is required. This Zoom class combines pre-recorded technique videos with live instruction/support from Krista throughout the class.
Quilt Size: without borders, approximately 20" x 20". Fabric required: 1/2 yard black, 1/2 yard white, FQ colour (all solids or reads-as-solids).
Class time: 6.5 hours with 30-minute offline break.