Monday, October 29, 2018

November Sew Day Sign Up

Image result for paint by number quilt raccoonCalgary MQG member Kerry Foster has very generously offered to teach a class free of charge for members on her techniques that she has published in her new book: Paint-by-Number Quilts. Each person attending the class must own a copy of the pattern.   You can purchase Kerry's publication at CT Publishing, Amazon, Fat Quarter Shop, and Google Books, at My Sewing Room, or ask for it at your local shop as well as her etsy shop. If you get a digital copy make sure you have a printed copy with you at the class. If you order a supplemental pattern from, make sure you have the book as well because that's where the actual instructions are. You can purchase copies at the November meeting on Thursday November 15th but you MUST let her know ahead of time so she can bring one for you.

She'll be teaching the raccoon, but the deer is also simple enough to get done, or you can get help on any of her patterns. Bring a bag big enough to take your project home without folding it.

Image result for paint by number quilt raccoon
The Sew Day is Saturday November 17th 10am-1pm at our new South location Woodcreek Community Association (1991 Woodview Dr SW, Calgary).  She has volunteered to teach up to 16 people so we're creating a virtual sign up sheet to attend.  SIGN UP HERE

In general for Kerry's projects you're going to need (and this info is the same as what's in your book):
  • fabric shears OR rotary cutting mat and 28mm rotary cutter
  • sharp straight or embroidery scissors
  • paper scissors
  • Freezer paper (shiny on one side, enough to cover your pattern)
  • washi tape (if your pattern is bigger than your freezer paper)
  • fabric glue (sewline / fons & Porter / Bohin pen, with 2 refills)
  • marker pen (to transfer pattern)
  • portable iron & surface to iron
If you're going to get around to quilting it you'll need:
  • basting spray & batting
  • sewing machine
  • Thread (applique, quilting, bobbin, plus perle cotton for details as needed)
For the raccoon specifically you're going to need (color numbers match the pattern labels):
1/8 yard of:
  • white (color 1)
  • black (color 4)
  • light gray (color 5)
  • tan (color 6)
  • dark brown (color 7)
fat quarter of:
  • dark gray (color 2)
  • medium dark gray (color 3) 
  • backing (when you get to quilting)

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

October wrap up

This month we had guest Krista Hennebury from Poppyprint do a trunk show and 2 workshops for us.

We collected and awarded the Wedges as Topography blocks and we're going to be working on some more wedges for next month.

We also have lots of room in the new location for show and tell.

The first workshop was "Round Peg Square Hole" which is really a study on piecing accuracy to assemble a log cabin variation pattern with emphasis on secondary pattern. Participants each only completed a few blocks, but together the group created enough blocks to really show off the options from this workshop.

The second workshop was completely different - "Speed Date with Improv" uses Krista's "Improv under the influence" techniques founded in traditional skills to create a small improv quilt. By limiting the palette to black + white + one color and using a timer to timebox techniques, choice is limited to a level where even someone brand new to improv can succeed.