Thursday, June 21, 2018

2018 Summer Challange - Colour Wheel

The 2018 Summer Challenge is: a Colour Wheel!

The colour wheel is a tool that describes the relationships between colours - primary, secondary, tertiary, and anything in between. The primary colours (red, blue, yellow) are represented equally distributed around the circle, with the secondary colours between them (purple, green, orange). As you go deeper into the wheel you can see how colours combine to make new colours. You can also use the wheel to find analogous colours (close on the wheel) or complementary colours (opposite on the wheel) to determine colour schemes.

For this challenge, you will create a finished quilted object of any size that represents a colour wheel. There are many examples, tutorials, and inspirations on the internet - here are just a few:

video on creating your own colour wheel -

colour cog:

-there are many patterns out there, feel free to use one of them, or create your own. Consider dresdens, english paper piecing, foundation paper piecing, applique, prints vs solids.  It should be a roundish shape in that it is endlessly connected (not a line with a beginning and an end) - other than that, go nuts!  Keep this project under wraps for the summer - we'll reveal them all at the September meeting.

Here is a pinterest board with some more inspiration -