Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The highlights of our February's meeting.

The highlights of our February's meeting.

Our guild will be featured in an upcoming article, in the fall issue, of Quilters Connection magazine.
They are interested in our upcycle project. If you want your project to be considered for the article, take pictures before, in progress & when completed. Send them to Mary.

We will also be submitting a Group Entry to the Heritage Park Festival of Quilts. If you've done a Libs Elliott
quilt & want to submit it, contact Agnes. There is room for 15 quilts & there are about 6 spots left.

All positions on the Executive Committee have been filled, except for that of Event's Co-ordinator. If you are
interested, hurry up & submit your name, before Agnes takes it! It you would like the committee to meet at your house offer to bake them a cake.

Last on the agenda was a Group Activity. Best described as Speed Dating-Modern Guild Style. 
The members got "up close & personal". Great idea Louise.

Join us next month for more fun.

Carole Glass