Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cheryl Arkison at our March Meeting

At our March meeting we were lucky enough to welcome Cheryl Arkison to speak about her new fabric line "Tag", manufactured and sold by Connecting Threads.  She shared with us her history in the Quilting Industry, starting with making her first quilt, continuing on to writing books and patterns, and eventually being approached to design fabric.

She guided us through her process of creating a line of fabric, drawing inspiration from graffiti and street art. We followed her as she used that inspiration to describe how we as people make our mark on the world, starting with little scribbles, progressing through using our name, technology, and finally last words.

Did you know that her original concept was color and not black and white?  We got to see some of the quilts that she's made from "Tag" including quilts playing with value, playing with the marks you make, and playing well with other fabrics including other black and white prints and colors!


To round out the collection there are color panels.

 Take a look at the adorable apron that she made from the panels!


Thank you Cheryl!
Cheryl's blog, instagram, shop .