Thursday, May 19, 2016

May Block Lotto - X Marks the Improv

A couple of things aligned when Becca suggested this block for our Lotto. I already had plans for using solids, and I knew it was time for some cool hues. This block and tutorial hit the mark on both counts!

X Marks the Improv was designed by Seattle blogger, and member of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild, Debbie of A Quilter's Table. Her tutorial is excellent so I'm not going to mess with it!  Tutorial
    Philippa's test block.

Our guidelines:

  • Solid blues for the backgrounds.
  • Solids for the strips. Blue, aqua, teal, bright greens, and maybe just a touch of orange or red.
  • Trim the corners only, but leave the final trim for the winner so they can trim to fit all the blocks together.
I  made up a test block, and  it went together really quickly. Be generous when cutting your starter rectangle. It's much better to have your block a bit big for the winner to trim down, than have to trim all the rest of the blocks down as yours is too small.  :-(  It was fun playing with my block trimmings to make interesting strips for the x's.

Blocks are due at the June Meeting.

Wondering which hashtags to use on IG and social media?
#xmarkstheimprov and #calmqgblocklotto are great choices. #calmqg and #calgarymqg are good too!

    Photo from A Quilters Table