Friday, September 22, 2017

Quiltcon 2018 Charity Quilt

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to sew Dresden Plates and Rail Fence squares for our QuiltCon 2018 Charity Quilt! Following what was discussed at the meeting, below are some further instructions:

Rail Fence Low Volume Blocks: Please sew 11” square blocks with the fabric provided and do not trim - we will do that when constructing the quilt. If you want to add more fabric please ensure it is low volume.

Dresden Plates: Please feel free to make any variation of a Dresden Plate. There are many tutorials and patterns online including:

Please make approximately the size of Dresden Plate indicated on your bag of fabric, without stressing too much (9.5” rather than 10” is fine, etc.).  Please remember if your final Dresden Plate is 10” each wedge will be 5” (because there are wedges on both sides of the circle, completing the 10”).

If you want to add a bit of fabric from your stash, please stay within this palette provided from MQG.  Thanks for your help everyone!  We can’t wait to see all of the finished blocks and Dresden Plates at the October 19th meeting!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

September Block Lotto - Birds of a feather...

Well the weather has certainly cooled down, so its time to dig into some of those yummy rich fall colours. I think this shelf of yarn tells it all!.

As you can see there are lots of warm greens,  mustards and even brown Gasp!  If all these warm tones are out of your comfort zone, the pinks, plums and teal will provide the the right zing!

We are making Bird Blocks with all these colours  on white or low volume backgrounds.

I am giving you a couple of options on how you make these birds.  

Here is a link with "half-assed" (their words) instructions for going the improv route. I will add approx cut sizes below
But...please base the overall block size off the paper pieced bird, and especially the leg thickness of 1/4 inch. Finished block is 5x6, so trim to 5.5 x 6.5 
Feel free to change up the bird shape a bit, just watch the overall block size.

Birds can face either way.

Here are some numbers to help with the improv route.
Part 1 - wing body, start with a 4.5" square cut on the diagonal.  Use square approx 1.5" on the wing piece to shape the wing. Sew a background triangle of the same size (4.5) tothe wing triangle.

Bird body/front - same height as the body, and 1.5-2" wide. Background square 1.5-2"

Background and beak. - Same height, but a bit wider than the body. Beak approx 1.5 square, but play with dimensions.
Bird here. Legs are 1/4 inch wide.finished.

Wondering which hashtags to use? #calmqgblocklotto #calgarymqg 

Have fun!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

August Block Lotto - It takes a village...

I'm pretty sure many of you will be making a last minute dash to the finish line with your red and white mini's, as we make our way through the last bit of summer.  With that in mind, I'm keeping the lotto simple again. No worries, I will turn things up again next month.

The Villiage Life quilt was designed by Elizabeth Olwen for Cloud9 Fabrics.  I came across a variation of this in a charity group I'm involved with where Nicolette from the blog Dutch Comfort changed up the size a little and wrote a tutorial for single blocks. It is Nicolette's tutorial we are going to use.

We are going to use a similar colour palette to Nicolette's tutorial.
Bright with a lean to the girly side.
Background -white solid (white on white ok, as long as it reads as white)
House- bright colour print
Roof - bright colour solid

Blocks are due at our September meeting.
Have fun!

Monday, August 14, 2017

August Meeting and Sew Day

Our August meeting will be at Wonderfil Threaducation Centre Bay 4, 2915 19th St. NE from 7 – 9 pm on Thursday August 17th, 2017. The dues cycle is January-December and they are $50 per person. Members who join after June will pay $30. First meeting is free for visitors, then $5 per meeting (fees could be more for special programming). 

This month we welcome Kathleen Riggens from Kathleen Quilts for a trunk show. We're also bringing back the Charity Table, so bring your unloved bits of fabric, notions, patterns, magazines, and anything else you think someone would be thrilled to take home by donation and love.

Don't forget in September we'll be seeing: your red and white challenge mini's and a delivery of pincushions that have been swapped with OKCMQG!

The meeting agenda is:
  • Trunk Show
  • Guild business
  • Collect and award block lotto
  • New block lotto announcements
  • Show and Tell
Please bring:

  • A quilt or project for show and tell
  • Name tag
  • block lotto entries
  • payment in full for Libs Elliott workshops in September
  • donations for the Charity Table
  • cash to purchase goodies from the Charity Table

Our August Sew Day  is also at Wonderfil and the theme is English Paper Piecing. You can bring your EPP project and get instruction and help from members experienced in EPP, or you can bring your own projects to work on Saturday August 19th 10am - 3pm.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

July Block Lotto - Modern Starlings

Being that we are in the midst of summer, I'm all about keeping our lotto blocks quick and easy. Hopefully, you can escape to a nice cool sewing room to sew a few of these up!

This block is one I pinned back when we first started doing lotto, and I'm happy it has finally reached the top of the pile!

John Adams is  QuiltDad, and the designer of Modern Starlings which he designed for Generation Q   This pattern is also in his book Beyond Neutral as Canyonlands.

We will be making these blocks as singles.
Colours - If it's in the palette below, it's fair game.

Pay careful attention to making the 2nd half of the block in mirror image. I now have 2 blocks of each colour way as I didn't pay attention in step 4. Note that step 5 needs to be flipped as well.  :-)

Wondering what hashtags to use? #calmqgblocklotto #calmqg #calgarymqg

                        colour crush - loveprintstudio
photo credits

Friday, July 14, 2017

July Social and Sew Day

Our July meeting will be a potluck social at Vice President Mary's house 7 – 9 pm on Thursday July 20th, 2017.  The address was sent by email already, if you don't receive it contact If the weather is bad, the meeting will revert back to the Wonderful Threaducation Center. Members with last names A-J are asked to bring potluck for the group (K-Z will be at Christmas). The dues cycle is January-December and they are $50 per person. Members who join after June will pay $30. First meeting is free for visitors, then $5 per meeting (fees could be more for special programming).

The agenda is:
  • Guild Business
  • QuiltCon Charity Quilt presentation
  • Block lotto
  • Show and tell
Please bring:
  • A quilt or project for show and tell
  • Name tag 
  • Block lotto blocks 
  • A quilt to picnic on
  • some food to share if your last name is A-J

Our July Sew Day Saturday July 22nd, 10am-3pm at the at Wonderfil Threaducation Centre Bay 4, 2915 19th St. NE.   This month's focus is Libs Elliott's Rebel quilt - if you have a Rebel quilt you're working on or would like to work on the quilt, make sure you bring the pattern and materials and experienced members will help you with it.  Alternatively, bring anything you'd like to work on.

You'll need to purchase a copy of the pattern if you want to join in - you can do that on her website. She even includes the modifications if you want to make a mini instead of a full quilt.  There is also an option to purchase it at a discounted rate when coupling it with her "Just Like Heaven" quilt pattern.  On top of that she's even holding a pattern sale - get 15% off patterns with the code NOBUMMERSUMMER until July 17th.  Share your planning, ideas, progress with #calmqgrebelquilt

June was Charity Month

Congratulations on a massively successful Charity Month!

During the June meeting we collected over 200(!!!) blocks for charity quilts and collected over $300(!!!) from the Charity Table. The money will go towards buying anything we're missing to finish charity quilts this year.

At the sew day members quilted a donated top, pieced 4 more quilt tops and quilted 2 more of those! Great job everyone! Prizes for attending the sew days will be handed out at the next meeting, and we'll also be drawing for the Grand Prize at the meeting!

The QuiltCon Charity Quilt for 2018 is well underway. The theme is "Modern Traditionalism". The palette is a pretty mix of oranges, reds, and purples with a white and an off-white

The design committee met near the end of the month and take a look what's already come out of it! Here is a sneek peak from Jera's Instagram where she writes: Working on some exciting stuff here. This thing is massive at almost 36" in diameter. Hope all my Calgary Modern Quilt people like the start of this idea for our Quiltcon Charity challenge. #calgarymqg #calmqg #quiltcon2018 #quiltconcharitychallenge #quiltcon #improvdresdens

Jera and Diane will be talking more about the concept and design and getting feedback from members at the July meeting.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Libs Elliott Workshops Registration now open!

Libs Elliott Lecture and Workshops - September 14 - 17

The Calgary Modern Quilt Guild is pleased to be bring Libs Elliott to give a Special Lecture and teach her "Embrace the Chaos" and "Weight of Love" workshops. 

  • Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 7pm - 9pm - Special Lecture and Trunk Show
  • Friday, September 15, 2017 - 10am - 4:30pm - Embrace the Chaos workshop
  • Saturday, September 16, 2017 - 10am - 4:30pm - Embrace the Chaos workshop
  • Sunday, September 17, 2016 - 10am - 4:30pm - Weight of Love workshop


  • Calgary MQG members: $200
  • Other MQG members: $225
  • Non-members: $250
  • Lecture $10, free if attend a workshop


A $50 nonrefundable deposit per workshop is required to secure your place (or full workshop amont). Deposit can be made by Electronic Fund Transfer to Stephanie Hutchinson at Full payment is due by Thursday, August 17, 2017.

Only once the Calgary Modern Quilt Guild has received your deposit or full payment will you be guaranteed a place in the workshop in which you registered. 

Registration Form:

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Modern Mini Quilt Challenge - Red &White

Canada 150 Banner

We are looking forward to seeing all the wonderful mini-quilts that our members will be making and we hope that everybody will join in!

Guild Challenges are designed to give us a chance to explore and experiment with the principles of modern quilt design.

CHALLENGE GUIDELINES THEME: RED & WHITE. Design a quilt with two colours only. As its Canada's Birthday year, we have chosen to use only red  Red and White. Research red and white quilts for inspiration.

MINI QUILT SIZE: No side can be larger than 24 inches. Your quilt must be designed, pieced and quilted entirely by you.

QUILTING: Use a contemporary approach to quilting your mini. However, it does not have to be straight line quilting—there are many options available.

GETTING HELP: If you need help with your project, feel free to bring your in progress work to any meeting and grab a couple members before or after the meeting for a ‘private consult’. (But, it would be really cool to see all the completed projects as a surprise reveal at the due date meeting.)

DUE DATE: Completed projects are due for Show and Tell at our September 2017 meeting or the first meeting you attend after that date. Projects must be pieced, quilted and bound.

HASHTAGS:  #calmqgsummerchallange   #calmqg #calgarymqg

Block Lotto - June 2017

This Block Lotto is all about Canada's Birthday,so we are making red and white Modern Maples  by Amanda Jennings to celebrate!

This is the Modern Maple tutorial, Here is a different  tutorial that is really easy to follow.  It has some great tips for making the stem but this time I am going to recommend sticking with the traditional 2 at a time method for your half square triangles, (using two 5" squares of each colour) as we are doing a scrappy background. It will also be easier for our winner to not have bias edges on the blocks.

Colour Palette:
Background scrappy whites and almost white prints.
Maple leaf, use one fabric for the whole leaf. Either as solid red,  a tone on tone red, or a red and white print.

I wouldn't mind if the odd reverse block was made. ie light leaf and red background. :-)

Wondering what hashtags to use? #calmqgblocklotto #calmqg #calgarymqg #modernmaples

Monday, June 12, 2017

June Meeting and Sew Day

Our June meeting will be at Wonderfil Threaducation Centre Bay 4, 2915 19th St. NE from 7 – 9 pm on Thursday June 15th, 2017. The dues cycle is January-December and they are $50 per person. Members who join after June will pay $30. First meeting is free for visitors, then $5 per meeting (fees could be more for special programming).

We'll also have a Charity Table this month - bring your spare supplies, patterns, magazines.  Everything on the table will be available to purchase by donation. All donations will go towards funding the guild's Charity Quilts.

The meeting agenda is:
  • Charity Table
  • Charity Presentation
  • Collect charity blocks
  • Summer Challenge announcement
  • Show and Tell

Please bring:
  • A quilt or project for show and tell
  • Name tag
  • Your charity blocks
  • Donations for the Charity Table 
  • Cash to purchase goodies from the Charity Table 
  • Deposit for Libs Elliott workshop

Our June Sew Day will be a two day event this year.  Sew Day will start at Wonderfil at 4:#0pm on Friday June 16th, 2017. Leave your machine set up and continue to sew on Saturday June 17th, 10am-3pm! The focus for the June Sew Day is CHARITY QUILTS for our charity.

June is Charity Month at CMQG!

In preparation of our Charity month meeting and Sew Day, please remember to make up some of these simple blocks to bring to the Sew Days June 16 and 17.  The instructions can be found here  This is a great Stash Buster! Check out the hashtags on Instagram.

At our June 15 meeting, a representative from Sonshine Community Services will be in-house, letting us know how the quilts CMQG donates make an impact in our community!  Here are some pictures of quilts that have been donated from our guild.  In these quilts, you may recognize some QAYG blocks you made!

 Please plan to attend one of our Sew Days this month, Friday June 16 from 4:30pm and Saturday June 17 from 10am to 3pm  as we join together to work on quilts for Sonshine.  There will plenty of door prizes, snacks and fun!

Heritage Park Festival of Quilts 2017

If you've never been to a Festival of Quilts at Heritage Park it's quite an event to see!  Scattered all over the lawns, the outsides of buildings, draped inside of buildings - there are basically quilts on every surface imaginable.

Half the fun is searching for quilts you recognize.

Sometimes they're hiding off in a remote area.

Sometimes you can see new versions of old favorites.

Or quilts you've never seen before.

But it's a whole lot of fun!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Charity Month Block

We are taking another month off our block lotto, but this time, you do get to make blocks. CMQG has designated June as our charity month, so we are making charity blocks.

I have chosen a really simple block, so not much instruction is needed.

Dig into your scrap bins. If your scraps are already colour sorted, then your task is even easier!   Pull a stack of strips in a single colourway.  For example, all pink.   Any colour is fair game,  green, orange, grey, whites, you name it, but just one colourway per block.  Lights, darks and everything in between.

You will want strips a bit longer then 12.5" and ranging from approx 1.5-3" wide. Just whatever you have. Yes, you can join them if they are too short.

Sew your strips together until you have a square  a bit bigger then 12.5, then trim to size to 12.5.   If you would prefer not to trim. that's ok. We can do it at the sew day.

Make as many blocks as you would like. We will pair them up with other blocks at our June 16 & 17 Sew days,  where we will make them into tops for our charity Sunshine Centre.

Lets be social!   Use these hashtags.  #calmqgcharitymonth #calgarymqg

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May Meeting and Sew Day

Our May Sew Day will be early this year - it will be the weekend BEFORE the meeting.  Sew Day is at Wonderfil Threaducation Centre Bay 4, 2915 19th St. NE, where you can get ideas and inspiration for sewing your pin cushion, or you can bring your own projects to work on Saturday May 13th 10am - 3pm.

Our May meeting will also be at Wonderfil from 7 – 9 pm on Thursday May 18th, 2017. The dues cycle is January-December and they are $50 per person. Members who join after June will pay $30. First meeting is free for visitors, then $5 per meeting (fees could be more for special programming).

The Alberta Quilt Study Society will be kicking off the meeting right at 7pm so be sure to be on time to see them! Also please bring any modern quilting to show in our Heritage Park Festival of Quilts booth. It doesn't have to be quilts - minis, bags, pin cushions will do as well!

The meeting agenda is:
  • The Alberta Quilt Study Society - presentation on documentation of historic Alberta quilts.
  • Guild business
  • The 2018 Charity Quilt
  • Pincushion Swap Collection 
  • New block announcements
  • Show and Tell

Please bring:
  • A quilt or project for show and tell
  • Name tag
  • Your pin cushion for swapping
  • Modern quilting for the Heritage Park booth

And heads up - June will feature a 2 day Sew Event! Save the date Friday June 16th starting at 3pm and Saturday June 17th 10am - 3pm at Wonderfil.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Libs Elliott Workshop Coming September 14 - 17

 Libs Elliott Workshop Coming September 14 - 17

Hello all,

About a month ago we put out a call via facebook and instagram to get an idea of who you would like for us to bring in for a special Lecture and Workshop. The overwhelming response was for Libs Elliott! 

We have contacted her and have scheduled her for September 14 - 17, 2017. 
Now we need to know which of her workshops that she offers you would be interesting in doing.

We will be having a Special Lecture and Truck show on Thursday, September 14 from 7pm to 9pm.
This will be free to those attending her full day workshops, otherwise $10 to just attend the lecture.

Workshops will run on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The price for those will be $200 for Calgary MQG members, $225 to other MQG members and $250 to non-members. Calgary MQG members will get early registration and there will be a max. of 10 people per workshop. I am hoping to have Early registration to go by the 15th of June at our regular meeting and open registration in July.

Please fill out this survey form so we can figure out the best workshops to offer

Feel free to forward this form to anyone who might be interested! The more interest the better. I will close this survey on Monday, June 5. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pin Cushion Swap

We've been invited to participate in a pin cushion swap with Oklahoma Modern Quilt Guild. OKCMQG
It's a general swap with no assigned partners.


  • modern aesthetic
  • summer theme
  • smaller then 5 inches (longer and skinny will still be ok)
  • nothing breakable
  • bring to May meeting
  • attach tag with name, email, IG handle and stuffing materials
  • use hashtag #calgaryOKCswap

To inspire you, Philippa has put together a Pinterest board.

Not sure what to fill your pincushion with? This blog post has plenty of information .You may use whatever filling you prefer, but will need to list on tag for those with allergen issues. e.g. walnut shells.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April Meeting and Sew Day!

Our April meeting will be at Wonderfil Threaducation Centre Bay 4, 2915 19th St. NE from 7 – 9 pm on Thursday April 20th, 2017. The dues cycle is January-December and they are $50 per person. Members who join after June will pay $30. First meeting is free for visitors, then $5 per meeting (fees could be more for special programming).

The meeting agenda is:
  • Treasurer Report 2016
  • Updated Bylaws
  • Call for Volunteers - Festival of Quilts: May 27, 28 2017
  • Block Lotto - Fish blocks
  • Mad About Patchwork Vote
  • Pincushion Swap - intro and sign-up
  • Show and Tell

Please bring:
  • A quilt or project for show and tell
  • Name tag
  • Your block lotto entries 
  • Your Mad About Patchwork print out

image from
Our Sew Day will also be at Wonderfil, where you can get ideas and inspiration for sewing your pincushion, or you can bring your own projects to work on Saturday April 22nd 10am - 3pm.

Cheryl Arkison at our March Meeting

At our March meeting we were lucky enough to welcome Cheryl Arkison to speak about her new fabric line "Tag", manufactured and sold by Connecting Threads.  She shared with us her history in the Quilting Industry, starting with making her first quilt, continuing on to writing books and patterns, and eventually being approached to design fabric.

She guided us through her process of creating a line of fabric, drawing inspiration from graffiti and street art. We followed her as she used that inspiration to describe how we as people make our mark on the world, starting with little scribbles, progressing through using our name, technology, and finally last words.

Did you know that her original concept was color and not black and white?  We got to see some of the quilts that she's made from "Tag" including quilts playing with value, playing with the marks you make, and playing well with other fabrics including other black and white prints and colors!


To round out the collection there are color panels.

 Take a look at the adorable apron that she made from the panels!


Thank you Cheryl!
Cheryl's blog, instagram, shop .