Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 2017 Block Lotto - Crazy Fish

Crazy Fish

My initial inspiration for this months lotto came from an Instagram  post by @ingorgiable2 of her fish quilt made during a Saskatoon MQG bee.
Lisa used a combo of patterns....a purchased one from No Hats in The House called Folksy Fish

...and a  tutorial from @mangosteenha on The Village Haberdashery 
Source: The Village Haberdashery

This block lotto is going to be a bit more improv than we have had in the past, and is also our first block lotto using curves.

Feel free to play around with either of these designs or create your own.

These sample blocks are  approx 5 x 13. Your crazy fish could be taller, shorter, name it. but please don't make too much smaller. It would be awesome if you could include  a scrap or 2 of navy so the winner can fill the gaps during assembly.

When printing the free pattern from the Village Haberdashery, it's ok to print to fit. The original is scaled for A4 paper, and you will lose the edge of the pattern if you keep the scale. Remember you can always add a strip to top of bottom if you want to make them bigger, or include a strip so the winner can.

A few of us will be PLAYing with these on Saturday 18th sew day. If you want to join in the PLAY, bring any navy fabric you have and some brights. I will bring a few scrap bins with me, and some navy too.
Are you a little scared about improv?  Remember this means your blocks don't have to be perfect, especially if this is your first go with curves.

Here are a couple of tutorials on sewing curves with no pins!.
The Palette....Navy and bright.  Backgrounds can be scrappy too!
If there are an extra fancy fish, we may decide to give out the odd extra ticket. :-)

Have fun!

Wondering what hashtags to use?  #calmqgblocklotto  #calmqg #calgarymqg #crazyfishquilt