Thursday, February 16, 2017

Feburary 2017 Block Lotto - Converging Corners

Our February Block lotto tutorial comes from  Ashley at Film in the Fridge. I was struggling to find out a bit about Ashley, and then came across this [behind the blog] post by Rachel from Stitched in Color. Lots of great quilts in that post.

Ashley has several blog posts on this pattern,  but this one is the tutorial.

This month I have a 2 different pics to inspire a foggy, low volume palette.
source: Vibeke Design

Yes, the top left center is pushing the palette a wee bit, but it is what it is.  :-)

We will be trimming our blocks to 12.5 inches. so please follow the dimensions in the tutorial.

Background: white solids, but let's stir up the undertones a bit by adding a few warmer whites, and the palest of grey to the mix. I did mine a bit on the scrappy side, but work with what you have.

Corners and center squares: Prints and some solids are good. Keep the overall feel light and airy.

use the following hashtags on Instagram so we can follow along. #calmqgblocklotto  #calmqg #calgarymqg #convergingcorners