Thursday, September 15, 2016

October Block Lotto - Wonky Quarter Log Cabin

We took a break from block lotto over the summer, but now that September is here, the kids are back in school and dear I say it, the leaves are starting to change colour. It's time to rev things up again!

First things first - the colour palette.

  • Medium grey right through to charcoal, and maybe even touches of black.
  • teal
  • mustard
  • This palette does have an overall darker feel, so try not to get too many lights in the mix.
  • It's ok to mix a few solids in with those patterned fabrics

I have chosen a really simple block, so all levels of quilters can jump right in.
Wonky Quarter Log Cabin - John Q.  Adams  aka Quilt Dad

  • Start with a centre in the 3-4 inch range 
  • I cut my strips approx 2-4 inches wide
  •  The blocks don't need to have a ton of wonky, but a bit will make them interesting.
  • Trim finished blocks to 12.5 inches square.
Blocks are dues at October meeting 

General Block Rules are here 

Wondering which hashtags to use on IG and social media?
#quarterlogcabin #calmqgblocklotto are great choices. #calmqg and #calgarymqg are good too!