Thursday, March 17, 2016

March Block Lotto - Tulips

March Block Lotto - Amsterdam Block

Draw will be at April Meeting.

Time to start thinking of spring, and those tulips will soon be popping out of the ground! (if the rabbits don't get to them first)
This is a nice big block, so I'm hoping we can send the winner (or winners) home with enough blocks for a decent size quilt!

Our pattern comes from  Michelle Engel Bencsko founder and designer of Cloud9 Fabrics.
Pattern : Amsterdam Quilt

Colour Palette for March  Block Lotto

Use the picture below as your inspiration palette.

Flowers:  It is OK to mix it up and use the aquas in the flowers too. 
Leaves and stems: Yellow greens, all the way through to the deeper greens and aqua on the palette. 
Background. Low volume, keep nice and pale. Scrappy ok. Solids or print.



2 @ 4.5" squares (from colour palette)
2 @ 2.5" squares (background)

1 @ 4.5" x 8.5" rectangle  (from colour palette)
2 @ 2" squares (background)

2 @5" squares (from colour palette)
2 @ 5" squares (background)
(Pay close attention to the pattern directions here, as the HST's are trimmed down to size.)

1 @ 1"x 8" rectangle

SASHING  (background)
2 @ 1.5" x 16" pieces (for block sashing)
2 @ 1.5" x 10.5"

Block size before adding sashing measures 8 1/2 x 16
We will then be adding a 1 1/2 sashing strip on all 4 sides. 
This will give the winner some extra leeway as she fits her blocks together, but please still strive for accuracy with the block size.