Thursday, April 18, 2019

2019 Charity Blocks

We are not announcing a block lotto  at May meeting, instead, we are encouraging you all to make lots of blocks for our charity Sonshine House. Please bring blocks to our June meeting, or Charity Sew days - June 21 and 22. (we are giving you a head start so you have a couple of months for block making)  :-)

This image shows 4 blocks.

Susan M has modified the Two by Four block from Film in the Fridge, to make use of 2.5in strips, and has written it up as a pattern.
Think jelly roll and binding scraps!

Susans modified 2x4 pattern

We are not asking for any special colours, just choose fabrics with contrast.
If using a solid, please pair it with a print.
Please keep your choices modern - ish. Let's not use civil war fabrics for this one.  :-)

Put the darker fabric in the top right position.
If you are using scraps and not WOF, you can use strips 18-20 in length.
The finished blocks are 7x8.