Thursday, May 18, 2017

Charity Month Block

We are taking another month off our block lotto, but this time, you do get to make blocks. CMQG has designated June as our charity month, so we are making charity blocks.

I have chosen a really simple block, so not much instruction is needed.

Dig into your scrap bins. If your scraps are already colour sorted, then your task is even easier!   Pull a stack of strips in a single colourway.  For example, all pink.   Any colour is fair game,  green, orange, grey, whites, you name it, but just one colourway per block.  Lights, darks and everything in between.

You will want strips a bit longer then 12.5" and ranging from approx 1.5-3" wide. Just whatever you have. Yes, you can join them if they are too short.

Sew your strips together until you have a square  a bit bigger then 12.5, then trim to size to 12.5.   If you would prefer not to trim. that's ok. We can do it at the sew day.

Make as many blocks as you would like. We will pair them up with other blocks at our June 16 & 17 Sew days,  where we will make them into tops for our charity Sunshine Centre.

Lets be social!   Use these hashtags.  #calmqgcharitymonth #calgarymqg